It is easy to see why wood is used in practically every American home; it is attractive, robust, long-lasting, simple to work with, and renewable. Timber homes may endure the test of time and last for decades with the right upkeep and care. The feared wood rot, however, puts a damper on the wooden components of your house. Not only does it have a repulsive appearance, but it also poses a major threat to the stability and security of your house.

Wood Rot: What Is It?

It is decay brought on by fungi growing on wet wood. The perfect environment for wood-eating fungi is created when timber becomes damp enough to have a moisture content of 20% or more and is unable to dry out quickly or is continually moistened.

Although there are many different varieties of fungi that can result in rotten wood, white rot, brown rot, and soft rot are the three types of wood rot that typically harm homes.

Where in a House Can You Find Wood Rot?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that it frequently doesn’t actually “appear” because it’s concealed from view inside your walls and floors.

It can be found in a variety of places, including:


  • beneath sinks
  • window frames and windowsills
  • framed doors
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Paneling or siding
  • Thresholds
  • stoops or steps
  • Eaves

How should your house be prepared for new siding?

There are several ways you may get your home and property ready. While preserving the safety of your home, these actions can hasten development.

  • Ensure that the interior of your home is prepared. Because of the installation and removal of siding, your walls will vibrate. Items that are on shelves, hanging against walls, or leaning against walls should be removed because they could fall.
  • Ensure that the exterior of your home is prepared. Any patio furniture or firewood that might prevent the staff from accessing your exterior walls should be moved so they can begin working right away. You should also think about removing any exterior decorations and covering them to prevent any inadvertent harm.
  • Develop fallback plans. There is no way to stop the noise construction causes. You might want to think about making an alternative schedule if you work from home. You might wish to take extra precautions if you have pets.

Our Working Process


When individuals are seeking the best answer, a new composite material is becoming increasingly popular on the restoration market. James Hardie fibre cement siding comes with a 15-year paint warranty and a 50-year material warranty, making it virtually maintenance-free. Its beautiful wood grain appearance puts it on par with cedar siding, yet it typically costs around 30% less than most cedar siding kinds.


Cedar siding is, of course, the greatest wood to use outside your home. Cedar wood is durable and resistant to decay and moisture. With careful care, a cedar exterior can last for 40-50 years. On properly fitted and handled materials, most providers offer a 25-year warranty. Main Advantages - Cedar is a natural product. Can provide a lovely natural timber appearance. The biggest disadvantage is the need for maintenance every few years. It all depends on a variety of things. We have cedar siding installation professionals who can advise you on your individual circumstance.

Wood Working

Due to their durability and affordability, redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated wood are three popular choices for wood decks. For years, cedar has been used for decking because it is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and moisture, and it does not bend, twist, or split like other types of wood. If you want something less expensive than cedar or redwood, pressure-treated lumber is a good option. Deck builders in the United States use it to construct deck support systems because it is durable.

Custom flashing

Custom flashings provide a water-tight barrier for any home and are a long-term waterproofing solution. They are custom constructed to fit any commercial or residential location and provide the best water protection. We can help you get the appropriate fit and finish for your project, regardless of the gauge or type of metal required. A variety of recyclable metals can be used to produce flashing for both interior and outdoor applications

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